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Apr 1 / skinnywhiteboy


Mar 30 / skinnywhiteboy

plastashack! Aren’t sundays great.

Mar 25 / skinnywhiteboy


Bristol billboard

Mar 23 / skinnywhiteboy

first observations on the Andreini hull

Took the vaquero out for the first time this morning . Not the best board for the conditions – 1-2 foot of peaky B-Land wedges with fat shoulders – but I couldn’t wait.

- Sits beautifully on the water
- Takes a few strokes to get going on the paddle. It’s heavier than expected – but glassed to last.
- I expected the roll, but it still surprised me and threw me off the first wave. A different balance dimension.
- On the backhand it turned off the fin – not enough oomph for proper mid-board turns.
- Got it nicely trim on one wave and, OK, I got a glimpse of what people go on about – it’s a lovely smooth, floating kind of glide; quite quite different from a ‘normal’ board. Will stick in the memory, which is more than I can say for any old surf in these conditions.

Lets hope for some bigger, cleaner waves at Easter.

Mar 18 / skinnywhiteboy

ride ‘em cowboy – Andreini vaquero

Well I couldn’t resist when this 7’6″ came up locally second hand…

…this lovely vid showing the shaping in progress, with a really clear explanation of the concept. Hoping it will be forgiving enough for south coast waves, as well as refined enough for some point break action next trip!

6’10 Vaquero from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.

Mar 14 / skinnywhiteboy

displacement thinking

My friend Andi’s Lovelace hull went so well at a certain long Moroccan point break this week I’ve been thinking afresh about getting one.

This vid, with the Deerhoof soundtrack, isn’t helping make the case against.

Feb 28 / skinnywhiteboy

super stylish surfing

Mandarin Brown from Mollusk Surf Shop on Vimeo.